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Transform Customer Experience

Better answers, reduced escalations, fewer abandonments and happier customers.

Why CueIn?

In today's downturn, there is an urgency towards retention via better Customer Experience (CX).

CX interactions are now conversational but multi-turn chat and call workflows across human agents and bots are costly to analyze, design and iterate. Generative LLM based chatbot is an unpredictable blackbox.

CueIn models organic real world human conversations and provides observability monitoring into automated conversations to improve CSAT/NPS and lift retention and revenue expansion.

Analyze Agent Conversations

Summarize Agent Actions to Guide Chatbot Design

Automatically generate the next best automation flow from millions of live agent chat and call transcripts. Use that to author complex real world bot flows or improve human workflows. This removes the need for manual reviews which are error prone and do not scale.

Reveal and Repair Bot Failures to Improve Containment

Visualize how users interact with your bot rather than how it's designed. Diagnose breaking points and fix them by exporting dialog flows, slots, intents, Q&A and more, back to the bots of your choice.


Discover Real Time Trends and Improve Customer Service

Get alerted on trending contact reasons before it ends up clogging your contact center. Get insights into your company and product and reduce customer support volume.

Don't Worry about Multiple Channels and Vendors

Integrate and resolve identities across vendor and channel silos (chat, voice, email, case etc) to map the customer journey. No more disparate systems with blind spots among them.


Secure, Compliant and PII Protection

SOC2 Type2 Compliant with PII redaction to keep conversation data protected and secure. 

Fine tuning

Get ChatGPT Ready

All the tooling you need to operationalize ChatGPT and generative language model based chatbot
Bootstrap Chatbot

Services Offering

Conduct a value assessment for your Bots and get professional services ranging from initial implementation to improving existing bot implementations.

CueIn Integrations

Integrate with all your conversational data sources in a snap.