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Agent QA

Score all your agents on all their conversations on an actionable rubric instantly

It is impossible to manually review all your agent conversations on a rigorous actionable rubric. Time and resources are valuable. Manually reviewing sample conversations does not scale as you grow. How do you quickly surface top and bottom cohorts of your agents, and get real time feedback on individual agents to coach and train them?

Reduce hours of QA of Agent Interactions

  • Automatically generate agent scorecards by analyzing all chat and call interactions to surface your top and bottom agent cohorts
  • Use sophisticated and efficient rubric including inferred CSAT, tone, grammar correctness, personalization and policy adherence to enhance actionability of agent QA
  • Summarize agent actions and responses to rapidly flag gaps in product knowledge, lack of comprehensive responses and policy violations
Agent Scorecard

Cuein AI will help you

Improve Inferred CSAT

Improve FCR

Reduce Cost

Let us show you how you can automatically QA your agents leveraging the power of Large Language Models