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Female customer service agent with headset on in a call center
voice analytics

Mine your voice calls to answer any customer experience question

Gleaning business insights from customer calls by listening to handful of recordings and taking notes does not scale. It is infeasible to review all your calls to surface precise information. Technology advancements in language models make it efficient, cost effective and more accurate.

Go from insights to results with voice analytics

  • Summarize individual calls and visualize how they flow, and then aggregate them over millions of calls
  • Discover real time trending contact patterns including anomalies in contact reason to surface underlying issues
  • Leverage generative AI to search across calls to answer any CX question. Segment that by location, department, brand and other factors instantly
Voice Flow Analytics

Cuein AI will help you

Save hours of manual call analysis

Get alerted on anomalies

Improve NPS

Let us show you how you can listen to all your customers always