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Careers at Cuein

Join us on the mission to build the future of Conversation Workflows together with our Customers.

What We Value

Customers over Competitors

Nothing truly beats understanding our customer pain points and being obsessed with making our customers successful. Be aware of competitors, their strategies, and progress.

Agility over Optimization

Be nimble, fast and nurture a mindset of growth and innovation over the certainty of the current state. Learn from failure, and boldly move with intention. Optimize cautiously with customer success in mind.

Diversity of Ideas over Establishment

Create a space for diverse ideas that are actively considered and which may originate from anywhere and from anyone regardless of hierarchy. Everyone feels safe, respected, and equal.

Collaboration over Competition

The highest level of success is achieved by a team of talented individuals who are working with each other to diffuse their knowledge, investing in each other, and feeling connected to the broader level outcomes. Ability to make each other better is considered first before individual ownership.


Money is not the only resource to optimize. Do more with less by leveraging all available resources like people, time, and money efficiently to manage constraints and celebrate when we do so.

Software Engineer - Backend

San Francisco Bay Area / Remote 

NLP/LLM Data Scientist

San Francisco Bay Area / Remote

ML Infrastructure Engineer 

San Francisco Bay Area / Remote

Data Annotation Specialist

San Francisco Bay Area / Remote