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Bot Optimization
Continuous Improvement
Bot Optimization

Continuously monitor, A/B test, and build a feedback loop to improve your Bots

Unlike traditional customer interaction interfaces, multi-turn conversations are rich and unstructured. It is difficult to stitch customer flows across chatbot and live chat to surface friction points. 
Regular iterative changes to chatbot needs monitoring, including conducting A/B tests to track improvements. Going deeper into the customer conversation data and taking actions based on those insights is necessary for scaling automated customer experience.

Continuously optimize your Bots

  • Stay on top of shifting customer contact patterns and how they are being handled by your chatbot including measuring key metrics per contact pattern.
  • Deep dive into multi-query flows. Diagnose breaking points, prompt failures, hallucinations and fix them by exporting prompts, dialogs, slots, intents, Q&A and more, back to the bots of your choice.
  • Summarize actions from the best agents to guide the chatbot design and improve the chatbot responses.
Conversation Flow

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