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Cuein at Customer Contact Week Las Vegas

June 3-6, 2024, Caesars Forum
Join our session on Customer Experience transformation
Thursday, June 6th at 1:45 pm | Caesars Forum, Forum E

The Black Box of Conversational Customer Experience

Organizations are facing an urgency towards improving Customer Experience (CX) for better retention, while reducing cost. The quality of customer interactions can make or break the customer experience, but manual analysis of massive unstructured conversations scattered across vendors and channels, is expensive, time-intensive or even impossible.

Learn how industry leaders across e-commerce, travel, financial services are using CX intelligence that consolidates vendors and modalities, and automates 100% conversation interaction analysis with generative AI, to improve retention, boost CSAT, and grow revenue. 

Meet The Speakers


Christy Luykenaar

AVP, Customer Contact Center, Benefitfocus


Emre Tekoglu

Vice President Of Customer Support, Zywave


Mayukh Bhaowal

Co-Founder & CEO, Cuein

Upgrade your CX strategy at CCW

For CX executives looking to improve their customer experience, Cuein unifies all customer support data in one place, and answers any kind of question at the speed of AI.

Meet with us to discover how you can get complete business observability into customer conversations to:

Improve AI Bot + Agents Continuously evaluate, A/B test, and improve AI Bots. Score all your agents on all conversations on an actionable rubric instantly. Summarize agents actions to guide chatbot design and improve agent responses and policy adherence

Boost Inferred CSAT Augments survey CSAT with deeper AI based Inferred CSAT on 100% conversations. Get actionable underlying factors such as resolution, effort, empathy, etc to pin point low CSAT interactions and improve them.

Get Proactive Product Insights Automate root cause analysis and segment them by product improvement themes. Get real time insights on new feature launches. Instantly detect anomalies or microspikes in a specific contact pattern for a specific dimension (geography, brand).

Event Details
  • Date: Jun 03 2024 - Jun 06 2024

  • Location: Caesars Forum, Las Vegas
  • Booth: #1220, Forum Ballroom

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