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Get LLM Ready

All the tooling you need to operationalize LLM and generative AI based chatbot

Challenges with Generative Models

ChatGPT and generative LLM based chatbots do not know your business domain and the ever changing business rules.

It can hallucinate and give plausible yet incorrect answers or even go rogue.

It is a blackbox with no observability monitoring.


{"prompt”:”intent=Order Cancellation Requests, order number=100100, date=01-05-2023, status=shipped, product name=knit black jacket->”, "completion":"Unfortunately we can cancel the order only for 2 hrs from placing the order. You may return it back to us for a refund once it’s delivered."}


Setup Your Data to Try Generative Models

Automatically generate conversation flow prompts from millions of live agent chat transcripts to fine tune generative models like ChatGPT to use in your domain and use case.

Get Back Control of your Chatbot

Analyze how users interact with your bot and audit automated conversations for policy adherence and safety. Diagnose errors, surface conversations gone rogue and build trust and adoption of your chatbot. 

Conversation process
Continuous Improvement-1

Continuous Improvement

Adapt to a constantly shifting business environment, such as when you modify your return policy during the holidays. Rapidly identify failures and fresh opportunities for automation, build a data feedback loop to fine tune your bot and monitor the impact of these actions.

Cuein Integrations

Integrate with all your conversational data sources in a snap.

Cuein AI Integration