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Integration Highlight: Cuein + Kustomer

Cuein AI is excited to announce an enhanced integration with Kustomer, an AI powered customer service CRM platform. Cuein and Kustomer integration will allow you to instantly analyze your customer service conversations in Kustomer to answer any CX questions, and get business observability, using the power of Large Language Models. 



This integration also augments existing Kustomer sentiment analysis and survey CSAT with deeper AI model based metrics. One example is Cuein’s Inferred CSAT, which measures customer support satisfaction based on hundreds of signals in the support conversation data across bots and human agents. Unlike traditional survey scores, which have low response rates and can be biased, inferred CSAT is on 100% of interactions, providing a more objective, consistent, and actionable metric. 

Here are the top 4 use cases Kustomer customers are leveraging Cuein integration for:

1. Bot Optimization - Continuously monitor, A/B test, and build a feedback loop to improve your Kustomer Bots

Cuein's Kustomer integration makes it easy for CX teams to discover trending support contact patterns to improve their customer service chatbots - KIQ Customer Assist. Cuein measures real-time AI metrics per conversation, and aggregates them per contact pattern including AI model-based CSAT, effort score, resolution rate, and abandonment rate.

Cuein's AI models diagnose breaking points and reveal and repair bot failures to improve deflection and self-solve rates. Additionally, it summarizes actions from the best agents to guide the chatbot design and improve the chatbot responses.

2. Product Optimization - Mine customer support conversations that holds mirror to your product opportunities

For CX and product management teams, Cuein's integration bubbles up top product improvement opportunities hidden in your Kustomer interactions. Cuein automates root cause analysis of customer contact reasons and segments them by product improvement themes (e.g. bug, feature requests, support education, etc).

3. Agent QA - Score all your agents on all their conversations on an actionable rubric instantly

For Quality managers, Cuein's automated agent QA reduces hours of Agent Interactions QA by generating agent scorecards via analysis of all chat interactions to surface the top and bottom agent cohorts. The automated QA uses rigorous and actionable rubrics including inferred CSAT, tone, grammar correctness, product knowledge, offering next steps, and policy adherence to enhance the actionability of agent QA and provide pointed coaching. 

The rubric can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different businesses. For example, an e-commerce company included an extra element in their evaluation framework: assessing if the agent proposed to place an order whenever a customer inquired about a product. Cuein's automated QA is capable of adapting to these and other specific needs.

4. Real Time CX Anomaly Detection

Finally, Cuein's real-time anomaly detection detects microspikes in a specific contact pattern for a certain dimension (e.g. time, geography, brand) to identify areas of poor CX, fraud, or revenue leakage.

For example, imagine the marketing department launching a new promotion, but the coupon code doesn’t work at checkout, consequently blocking a purchase. Identifying such issues within hours rather than days can save hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue by proactively identifying and addressing such issues.

Industry Coverage

Cuein supports the top Kustomer industries including Retail and eCommerce, Financial Services, Travel and Hospitality among others.

Cuein's large language models come pre-configured with industry-specific taxonomy, and can also be tuned to accommodate organizations with specialized taxonomy. This allows the AI models to output accurate and relevant contact patterns and underlying root causes, which are essential for taking effective action.

More Integrations

To learn more about this integration and get started, head to Kustomer integrations.

If your CX stack includes other solutions above and beyond Kustomer, Cuein has you covered. We support numerous vendor integrations including, but not limited to the following. Cuein also supports custom integrations if part of your CX data is in a data warehouse.


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